Testimonials – What People Say About Us

Robyn Shipp

I look forward to MB FIt class because it is a fast-paced, challenging hour that I know is burning a ton of calories. It is always different each session and I’m always curious to see what the instructors will come up with to push our limits. With so much great equipment—Total Gym (my favorite), treadmills, TRX, Spinning Bikes, kettle bells and more, I never feel like I’m doing the same thing over and over. I leave knowing I had a fantastic workout and had fun doing it.

– Robyn Shipp

Rodd Savitt

I picked up my first weight when I was 12 years old in my father’s gym he owned in Miami. Body Building has been my hobby and life since than. As I got into my mid 40’s I realized I was loosing flexibility, needed cardio for my health and wanted something that had less impact on my joints. I work 50-60 hours a week and needed to add something additional to my body building routine pressed for time. The MB-Fit workout has been the best answer to help me increase my cardio because I am highly motivated in the 1 hour class with the group training, great music and coached on my intervals. Must males have a hard time working on their ABS. The Total Gym has gotten my core in phenomenal shape and I lost inches. I added the MB-Fit workout into my weekly routine 2 times a week. I have met some great people and next on my list is yoga. Thanks Mind Body 954 for helping this guy think outside of the “box gym”. I am in the best shape of my life!

– Rodd Savitt

As a physical therapist and sports enthusiast, I can only express my highest regard and respect for all programs offered at 954. The classes are well structured, given with high energy and delivered by educated, caring and inspirational instructors. Pilates and yoga classes further offer personalized instruction to post rehabilitation patients. I highly recommend my patients to MB 954 as I trust the care they will receive to get them back on track! I have been actively involved with MB for the past 9 years and am proud to be part of this exceptional studio.

– Nancy Croughwell

The new Mind Body 954 is a fantastic workout for anyone and everyone. I did the MB-Fit Workout and it kicked my butt. I love all the classes and the staff is educated, professional and know me by name. I cant wait to go back tomorrow for more. My husband and I enjoy that we can workout together at the studio and be challenged at different levels. Impressed by all they offer and enjoy shopping in Wish List Boutique.

– Lori Rubin

Working out is usually not fun for me at all. Its something I have never enjoyed. But when I found Mind Body 954 it turned into something I enjoy doing. The classes are so much fun and they really take the time to help you with what you are struggling with. I also just started personal training with Nikki and highly recommend it. She’s awesome! When you walk in everyone at Mind Body 954 really makes you feel at home.

– Carlye Cowheard

The new MB Fit Workout is awesome! It is a complete body workout that combines cardio, high intensity training and the Total Gym Equipment. Each class and instructor is different, which is great because no workout is the same. Although you are constantly pushing yourself to the next level and getting a killer workout, it’s easy on your joints and back. The studio itself is very clean and they keep getting in new equipment and adding more classes. It’s definitely a good workout.

– Cortney Bridges

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I began my fitness journey in late 2005. I was morbidly obese (more than 50 pounds overweight), and suffered from severe low back pain and disc herniation issues. I started Pilates training under the guidance of an excellent personal trainer, who soon thereafter merged their studio with Mind Body 954. I continued to train with them and also began taking Pilates classes with other Mind Body 954 instructors.

I started working with Kathy Palkaninec towards the end of 2006. Kathy has always been an exceptional instructor, going far above and beyond with each of her students. She helped me get stronger through my Pilates practice, and she suggested I also consider adding cardio to my training. I fought her pretty hard, but she persisted in encouraging me to expand and try new things, and I ultimately ended up in the spin room.

I’ll never forget my first spin; it was hell. I whined the entire time (and it was only a 30 minute class!). That night Kathy called me at home, and told me how proud she was of me and what I had accomplished. She told me to come back and do it again, and she promised that I wouldn’t always hate it. Well, she was right. Fast forward almost 10 years (and a loss of 70 pounds) later, and I LOVE TO SPIN!!! I now spin at least 3 days a week, and also do various circuit training classes (MB FIT, etc). I have to modify quite a bit, as I suffer from knee issues, but Kathy is always prepared to make adjustments to allow me to get the most from my workout.

I have also learned to embrace yoga. Through Kathy’s spin classes, I had the great fortune to meet Michelle Stern, who also teaches spinning and yoga at Mind Body 954. As with Kathy, Michelle’s dedication to her work and students, and her persistence, got me to venture into the yoga room. It’s been more than two years since I began my yoga practice, and I love it!

It’s a testament to the extremely high quality of instructors that are part of the Mind Body 954 experience, as I would never have considered expanding my fitness horizons or been able to get to the next level with regards to my fitness. I owe them more than I can adequately express (though I have told both Kathy and Michelle that they’ve changed my life, which is very true).

What I also love about the studio is the strong sense of community and comradery. I have made so many great friends and established such great relationships through my association with Mind Body 954. It truly is a family, and we have been there to support and encourage each other through the years.

I am so excited for what’s to come at the new Mind Body 954. The new instructors, machines, and classes are awesome, and I know I will continue to develop personally and with my level of fitness through my continued association with Mind Body 954, its students, and outstanding fitness professionals.

– Lorin Schiff Montgomery, CPCU