alt textSpinning/Cycling is great for weight loss, calorie burn and muscle toning! It is perfect for people who want a motivating workout, that they can control at their own pace. Even if you’re not into “choreography-based” fitness classes, you can still enjoy indoor cycling because it involves neither rhythm nor complex moves. It’s low-impact, so it’s very suitable for people of all levels of fitness! For those who want to balance out higher-impact exercises, and cross train or for people who have some joint problems or are unable to run or jump. Mind Body 954 has combination classes.


Join your wellness coach on Tuesday nights for a great combination of cardio on the spin bike followed by stretching and life balance with yoga. 40 minutes of spinning and 40 minutes of yoga.

End your Thursday night with the best of both worlds. 30 minutes of heart-thumping spinning followed by 30 minutes of Yoga, stretching and relaxation. Go from sheer madness to pure bliss in one mat.hour! Great for beginners to Yoga or Spinning, but it is just as beneficial if you are an avid athlete.